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Pioneer Magnetics does not have “Dr. Laura” on its staff nor does PMI write a “Dear Abby” column. However, PMI does offer a conduit for design engineers to contact its “consulting services” should there be a need for assistance resolving “technical issues.”

PMI’s Sales/Marketing staff, applications engineers as well as the design engineers will be pleased to ease your anguish, your frustration and the pain in your hands should there be pounding on desks or walls.

Talking to PMI is simple – fill out the below questionnaire, send it to us and leave the rest to PMI. Someone from PMI will call you to answer your questions and to assist you with your technical issues.

Last Name
First Name
Company Name
City, State & Country
Telephone Fax: Email:
What is your company's primary business?
What are your contract manufacturing requirements?
Project Name
Project Application
Task Definition
First Article Lead Time?
Production Lead Time?
Budget Target?
Product Quantity?
Bill of Material Available? Yes     No
Assembly Prints Available? Yes     No
Offshore Restrictions? Yes     No
Safety Agency Requirements? Yes     No
If Yes, Please Explain
Is A Sample Product Available For Review? Yes     No
Other Comments

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